The Refreshed Anchor Health ✨

Hi! We’re pumped to announce that Anchor Health has a refreshed look and new website. Don’t worry. We’re still the same LGBTQ health center you love—just now, we look the part. As we continue to grow, we want to share our changes and the reasons behind them.

Why the change?

It was overdue. When A.C. Demidont, DO, AAHIVS, founded Anchor Health in 2016, all she had was a laptop, a cellphone, a stethoscope, and a vision of empowering queer people in all aspects of their lives. Our focus was on providing high-quality and LGBTQ-affirming patient care. We didn’t have the resources to establish our brand. All our growth came through the power of community and word-of-mouth.

Last year, we came together as a team and decided that it was time to invest in ourselves. We set out to create a stunning, cohesive, and inclusive brand to accompany our patient care.

It’s time to build for the future.

So, what’s different?

We’ve refined the Anchor Health brand with updates to our name, logos, colors, descriptions, imagery, and more. We’ve also launched a new website.


We’re just Anchor Health now. It’s nice to meet you! 👋

We no longer use “Anchor Health Initiative.” Since our founding in 2016, we have grown significantly. “Initiative” didn’t feel like the right fit anymore. Our name now reflects our role as Connecticut’s leading LGBTQ health center. It also positions us for the future.

Anchor Health

We have simplified our logo to tie in with our name update. The pink to blue gradient represents fluidity, creativity, and queerness.


Our primary brand colors are Break Free Blue and Purple Menace.

Break Free Blue
Break Free Blue
Purple Menace
Purple Menace

We use functional colors like black, grey, and white to accompany our brand colors.

And accent colors give us creative flexibility.

Camp Yellow
Pay It No Mind Pink
Magic & Art Teal


We’ve updated how we talk about Anchor Health to better reflect who we are and what services we offer.


Use this as your go-to description when you need to provide a brief overview about Anchor Health.

Anchor Health is Connecticut’s leading health center for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community. We bring groundbreaking, radically inclusive, gender-affirming, and sex-positive care to every patient who walks through our doors. Established in 2016, we now see more than 2,500 patients across two full-service clinics and over 50% are transgender and gender nonconforming. Our services include primary and preventative care, Gender & Life-Affirming Medicine (GLAM), HIV prevention and treatment, comprehensive STI testing, behavioral health care, and more. We are health care for queer people by queer people.

To learn more, visit


Our taglines communicate our identity, purpose, and values.

Health care for queer people by queer people.

Groundbreaking, radically inclusive, gender-affirming, and sex-positive care.

Connecticut’s leading LGBTQ health center.


Our new website URL is

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to create a website that better reflects our community and services, improves navigation and accessibility, and creates a space to share resources and uplift the community.


And more! Take a look around and let us know what you think.

What’s next?

We’re excited to go into this new chapter of Anchor Health with you. Stay tuned as we roll out additional updates, website features, and more throughout the next few months.

For media inquiries, please email Michael DeWolfe, Head of Communications & Events, or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

Shout outs

This project was a huge team effort. It would’ve been impossible to do without a lot of collaboration, creativity, feedback, and patience. Thank you to Touch The Road for bringing our website to life.