Connecticut’s leading health center adds Jonah Santiago-Pagán to the Anchor Health Board of Directors.

Anchor Health is delighted to announce the appointment of Jonah Santiago-Pagán to our Board of Directors. Jonah is a Hispanic transgender attorney practicing civil rights law. He will play a key role in creating awareness and bridging the gap to access Anchor Health’s services for Connecticut’s LGBTQ Hispanic community.

Jonah Santiago-Pagán board photo

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jonah has learned acceptance by experiencing the acceptance of his chosen family and how to serve his Hispanic community by living in the service of his community. Jonah’s experience working with government agencies and leaders in the Hispanic and LGBTQ legal communities will help him be a catalyst and ambassador to Anchor Health’s goal of expanding outreach to the LGBTQ Hispanic community in Connecticut and beyond.

Welcome to the board, Jonah!

About Anchor Health

Anchor Health is Connecticut’s leading health center for the LGBTQ community, providing the most groundbreaking, radically inclusive, gender-affirming, and sex-positive care possible in Connecticut and beyond. Founded in 2016, Anchor Health currently serves over 3,000 patients, nearly half transgender and gender diverse, across full-service health centers in Hamden and Stamford. Anchor Health continuously works to advance health equity for LGBTQ people through advocacy, community-building, education, and research. We are health care for queer people by queer people.