Primary Care Services

prioritizing physical, mental, & social health

Primary care is your first point of contact for health-related needs, consisting of routine and preventative care individually tailored to you. Your primary care provider, or PCP, addresses any medical issues you may have at your visit, such as headaches, unexplained tiredness, or stomachaches. If your PCP can’t find a solution, they refer you to a specialist.

PCPs are an essential part of your care. They may:

  • Conduct routine checkups and exams
  • Do minor surgical procedures
  • Provide preventative care, such as immunizations
  • Manage long-term health conditions
  • Conduct routine gynecological services, such as trauma-informed pelvic exams
  • Provide STI testing and treatment
  • Treat health problems that pop up
  • Prescribe and manage medications
  • Offer education and counseling to promote your health and wellness
  • Help you set health-focused goals
  • Suggest screening exams to find problems
  • Refer you to LGBTQ-competent specialists

Your PCP works alongside other members of your care team, including behavioral health specialists, nurses, case managers, and pharmacists, to deliver high-quality holistic care.

Become a Patient

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