About Us

We’re Connecticut’s only trans- and queer-led health center for the LGBTQ community.

Anchor Health was founded on the principle that the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community deserves groundbreaking, radically inclusive, gender-affirming, and sex-positive care—that’s what we bring to every patient who walks through our doors. Our approach to health care understands how intersecting systems of oppression affect a patient’s health and wellbeing, which means creating a space to listen and learn.

Established in 2016 with a handful of staff members working out of a closet, we now have a team of over 25 employees and see more than 2,500 patients across two full-service clinics in Connecticut. Over 50% of our patients are transgender and gender nonconforming.

Through a holistic lens, we work as a team to address patients’ physical, mental, and social needs. Our services include primary and preventative care, Gender & Life-Affirming Medicine (GLAM), HIV prevention and treatment, comprehensive STI testing, trauma-informed behavioral health care, and more. In-house case managers can assist patients with updating gender identification documents, name changes, accessing basic needs, and other services. Additionally, our pharmacy is skilled in navigating insurance coverage for gender-affirming medicine, PrEP, and HIV treatment. We offer discounted pricing and prescription pickup or delivery.

We are health care for queer people by queer people.

Our Pride flag sticker.
Anchor Health staff at CT Gay Black Pride in 2021.

tired of the back-and-forth between your physician & pharmacist?

Ask about Anchor Health Pharmacy. You can rely on our high-quality and LGBTQ-competent service.

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