Sexual Health Care

stay on top of your sexual health

STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are infections passed from one person to another through sex. STIs happen! They’re very common, just like a cold, sore throat, or stomach bug. But STIs don’t always cause symptoms, so it’s possible to have an infection and not know it. Without treatment, a common STI can lead to a more serious condition.

Getting tested routinely is the only way to know if you’re STI-free.

Our sexual health services include:

  • STI and HIV testing and treatment
  • Self-collection options
  • Evaluations for concerns
  • PrEP and PEP for HIV prevention
  • Vaccines
  • Confidential counseling (including risk reduction, partner notification, and STI information)
  • Safer sex and prevention methods education
  • Free condoms, dental dams, finger cots, and lube

We offer fast, confidential, and judgment-free STI testing based on your risk factors. We know not everyone has the same types of sex. Our team of pros ensures you get everything you need.

Your testing options depend on if you need prevention or treatment.


Routine STI testing helps prevent the unintentional passing of STIs. If you don’t have symptoms, this is your best option!

Routine screenings include the following tests:

  • HIV (blood sample)
  • Syphilis (blood sample)
  • Chlamydia (urine sample, oral swab, rectal swab)
  • Gonorrhea (urine sample, oral swab, rectal swab)

STI screenings are free and open to all. No insurance is required. If you need treatment or want to discuss your results and sexual health, you’re responsible for the cost of medications and appointments. We offer discounted and/or free services for those who qualify based on family size and income. Please contact us to learn more and apply.

Get Tested

You can request a routine STI screening online and we’ll contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your visit. If your request is time-sensitive, please call 203-903-8308.

STI Provider Visit

STIs often don’t have any symptoms, but if you have any of the following concerns, you must discuss them with a medical provider right away:

  • Genital discharge
  • Discomfort or burning when you pee, or having to pee often
  • Bumps, sores, warts, or rash on or around your genitals
  • A single firm, round, painless sore
  • New full body rash
  • Painful sores on or around your genitals and/or mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Flu-like symptoms, such as fever, body aches, fatigue

Please also speak with a provider if you:

  • Had a sexual partner diagnosed with an STI
  • Need PEP or HIV treatment
  • Were instructed to seek treatment for an STI from another provider

Talk to a Provider

If you have any STI symptoms and/or any of the above applies, please call 203-903-8308 during regular business hours, contact your primary care provider, or visit your local urgent care clinic.