patient rights & responsibilities

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Effective January 2022

This page describes your rights and responsibilities as a patient receiving care at Anchor Health.

Patient Rights

As a patient of Anchor Health, you have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care in a safe, comfortable environment that contributes to a positive self-image and minimizes distractions that interfere with care.
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality, as set forth in our Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Be treated with dignity, free from persecution, neglect, exploitation, sexual harassment, or any type of abuse or discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, affectional or sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or belief, marital status, veteran status, English language proficiency, HIV status, or any other status protected by law.
  • Know the names of health care providers, their qualifications, and their role in your care.
  • Treatment by compassionate, skilled, and qualified health care professionals.
  • Be informed about and participate in your care and treatment plans.
  • Refuse treatment as allowed by law.
  • Request and receive medically appropriate and necessary treatment, subject to applicable law and standards of care.
  • Proper assessment and management of your pain or discomfort.
  • Request an interpreter.
  • Access and obtain copies of your medical records, except as provided by law.
  • Receive treatment in an environment that is sensitive to your beliefs, values, and culture.
  • Be informed of the care you will need after discharge.
  • Receive information about and an explanation of your bill.
  • Delegate decisions about your care, treatment, or services to another and/or involve family and others in decisions about your care, treatment, and services.
  • Express a complaint or grievance, including a complaint or grievance related to your privacy rights as set forth in our Notice of Privacy Practices, by contacting Anchor Health’s Compliance & Privacy Officer. You can call 203-903-8308, fax 203-599-3927, email, or submit a patient grievance.
  • Contact the following agencies if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your grievance:
    • You can file a provider complaint with the Connecticut Department of Public Health by sending a letter to 410 Capitol Avenue, MS# 12HSR, Hartford, CT 06134-0308; calling 860-509-7552; emailing; or visiting the CT DPH website.
    • You can file a complaint relating to your privacy rights with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 200 Independence Ave, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201; calling 1-877-696-6775; or visiting the HHS website.

    Patient Responsibilities & Code of Conduct

    As a patient of Anchor Health, you have the responsibility to:

    • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of all Anchor Health patients and visitors.
    • Respect the comfort and safety of Anchor Health patients, visitors, staff, and property by:
      • Keeping your noise level low, including phone calls.
      • Asking for pronouns (e.g., “What pronouns do you use?” or “What pronouns do you use in this space?”) and not assuming what pronouns an individual uses.
      • Communicating in a professional, respectful, and courteous manner while in Anchor Health or talking to staff, patients, or visitors.
      • Not yelling, cursing, or using hate speech while in Anchor Health or talking to staff, patients, and visitors.
      • Not making sexual remarks or advances towards staff, patients, or visitors.
      • Not harming, using threatening language, or making threatening physical gestures towards staff, patients, or visitors.
      • Not wearing excessive perfumes, oils, or other scents while in Anchor Health.
    • Keep track of your appointments and arrive on time for them.
    • Cancel appointments with at least 24 hours’ (to the hour) notice.
    • Actively participate in your care by:
      • Working with your provider to decide on and plan your treatment.
      • Telling your provider what you need and about your concerns.
      • Asking questions if you don’t understand something.
      • Telling your provider if you are having trouble following your treatment.
      • Taking responsibility to follow preventative measures and adopt health-enhancing behaviors.
    • Provide complete and accurate information about your current health complaints, past illnesses and medical history, hospitalizations, medications, allergies, and other matters relating to your health and/or mental health.
    • Ensure that Anchor Health has up-to-date contact information for you, including your address, phone number, and email. If you do not keep your contact information current, we might not be able to contact you with important messages about your health.
    • Be financially responsible for the services you receive, which includes providing accurate health insurance information, providing proof of income, applying for government-sponsored benefits, and/or applying for flexible payment plans. You agree to pay any copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other cost-sharing required by your insurer and any fees for non-covered services. You authorize us to bill your insurer directly and assign to us all reimbursements from, and any legal or administrative claim against, your insurer.
    • Not bring, use, sell, or distribute alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs into Anchor Health or enter under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
    • Not smoke, vape, or use any tobacco product in Anchor Health.
    • Not lie to obtain prescription medications.
    • Not sell or distribute medications prescribed for you.
    • Not bring weapons inside Anchor Health. If your job requires you to carry a weapon, you must alert the front desk staff and keep your weapon out of sight.
    • Not bring pets or non-service animals into Anchor Health.
    • Not pet, offer food to, or interact with service animals in any way.
    • Call 911 if you are having a medical emergency.
    • Comply with all of Anchor Health’s policies, procedures, and guidelines. Not doing so may affect your ability to receive services at Anchor Health, up to and including discharge from care.
    • Abide by all applicable laws, including the laws of the city and state in which we are located.
    • Follow the directions of staff, especially in an emergency.

    If you have questions or need help understanding your rights and responsibilities, please contact our Compliance & Privacy Officer by calling 203-903-8308, faxing 203-599-3927, emailing, or sending a message.