Abby Carrel-Thomas


Medical Assistant

become a patient

After attending liberal arts college, Abby Carrel-Thomas joined Community HealthCorps, a community service program providing health care to under-resourced communities. Invigorated by this opportunity, Abby went on to work for a childhood literacy program at a community health center and other school-based health programs. Her work led her to explore the clinical side of health care, and she completed a program at Norwalk Community College to become a medical assistant.

In June of 2017, Anchor Health hired Abby as our first MA. She goes above and beyond the expected workload in her role. Navigating health care is difficult, but Abby ensures all patients get coverage for the services they need. She’s also an emergency medical technician (EMT), and some nights, you’ll find Abby providing care in an ambulance.

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