See below for some commonly asked questions about gender-affirming medicine, or GAM.

If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, please contact us.

GAM is an abbreviation for gender-affirming medicine. Gender affirmation is an updated way to talk about transition. We say “affirmation” rather than “transition” because we view the process as accepting who you have always been, rather than a transition from one sex to the other. Everyone affirms their gender differently, and “transition” excludes nonbinary and gender diverse people. We’re here to support you on your gender journey.

You can request an appointment online or call 203-903-8308 for assistance over the phone. During your visit, you can ask questions and discuss your gender, affirmation goals, and next steps with a provider.

We have no barriers to your affirmation, such as mental health assessments, therapy letters, forms, or consent waivers.

Absolutely! Although we can’t predict exactly what hormones will do in your body, we work closely with you to reach your goals. This is your affirmation and we’re here to support you.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Anchor Health patient! Please visit our Become a Patient page for more information and to request an appointment.

We believe all trans and gender diverse youth deserve gender-affirming health care, full stop.

If you’re under 18 years old, the current laws require your medical guardian(s) to sign informed consent forms for you to start hormones and puberty blockers. With the consent of your medical guardian(s), our medical affirmation options include hormone and puberty blocker administration and monitoring. You can bring your medical guardian(s) to your appointment if they have questions or concerns.

We first need to make sure a prescription is safe for you.

That’s okay. If you’ve taken hormones without a prescription, used “street” hormones, bought hormones online, or taken supplements, you can still get GAM with us. Just make sure to tell your provider.

It depends on your insurance, most cover GAM. We work with most major insurances, including plans through: 

  • Aetna  
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield   
  • Cigna  
  • ConnectiCare (including Medicare plans) 
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care  
  • Medicaid/Husky  
  • Medicare  
  • Multiplan  
  • PHCS  
  • UMR  
  • United Healthcare (including Medicare and Oxford plans) 

We also accept all exchange plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace (Access Health CT).  

Please note that this isn’t a complete list. If you have questions regarding your specific plan, please contact your insurance carrier directly.  

If you are uninsured or underinsured, we offer discounted and/or free services for those who qualify based on family size and income. You can also get discounted prices for prescriptions through our pharmacy. You may be responsible for additional charges incurred during visits, such as lab costs and prescriptions. Please contact us to learn more and apply.

If you get GAM through your insurance, they will see a diagnosis of “endocrine disorder.” We code your affirmation as a medical condition rather than a mental health condition to remove the stigma from your identity. Being trans is not a mental health condition and not all trans people experience dysphoria. If your insurance requires a specific diagnosis for you to get gender-affirming care, please let us know. If you do not use your insurance, we’ll enroll you in our income-based discount program.

No, but we can tell you who we frequently refer patients to and what surgeons accept your insurance.

Yes. You’re in charge of your affirmation, but please tell your provider.

No. Being trans or gender diverse is not a mental illness. 

Trauma-informed behavioral health services are available to current patients. If you’re interested in a consultation, please call 203-903-8308, send us a MyChart message, or let your medical provider know during your next visit.

Check out a map below of every medical facility in the country that offers GAM via informed consent. It was created by Erin Reed in 2019.

Become a Patient

Please request a GAM appointment online or call 203-903-8308 for assistance over the phone.