Jonah Santiago-Pagán


As a Hispanic transgender man, Jonah Santiago-Pagán understands the impact of seeing yourself reflected and represented at the table of queer-affirming organizations making queer-affirming health care available to you and your community. He joined the Anchor Health Board of Directors to create awareness and bridge the gap to access Anchor Health’s services for the LGBTQ Hispanic community in Connecticut, which is large in numbers and strength.

Jonah is an attorney practicing civil rights law and was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He has learned acceptance by experiencing the acceptance of his chosen family and how to serve his Hispanic community by living in the service of his community. He believes that the importance of the link to community that Anchor Health has the potential to provide for those who lack that connection in the LGBTQ Hispanic community is immeasurable.

Jonah’s experience working with government agencies and leaders in the Hispanic and LGBTQ legal communities helps him serve as a catalyst and ambassador to Anchor Health’s established intent of providing our services to the LGBTQ Hispanic community in Connecticut and beyond.

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