Contacting Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines before contacting AJ Eckert, DO.

Health Care Providers

  • Monday through Friday, Dr. Eckert cannot answer direct calls to our office as they are providing patient care and teaching. Please direct any serious or life-threatening emergencies to the nearest emergency room for care.
  • Contacting Dr. Eckert regarding a mutual patient requires a signed Authorization to Permit Release of Health Information from the patient. Once the patient has signed the Authorization, the preferred way to contact Dr. Eckert is through the HIPAA-compliant electronic health record system Epic. You can also send us a secure message and we’ll triage it to Dr. Eckert as appropriate.
  • A mutual patient under Dr. Eckert’s care may see Dr. Eckert in his clinic to address specific issues and concerns as indicated.
  • If you are contacting Dr. Eckert about their specialty practice and/or to share his expertise in LGBTQ health care, please explore the following resources:
  • Please note that Dr. Eckert does not provide free labor. He has years of experience and education. It’s inappropriate to ask Dr. Eckert to teach you “everything” they know. LGBTQ health is nuanced and complex, just like any medical specialty.

Training & Speaking Engagements

Dr. Eckert provides virtual and in-person education regularly. Please submit a training or speaking engagement inquiry online. Let us know if you are a nonprofit or community organization with limited funding, as Dr. Eckert is occasionally available for per diem work.

Please note that Dr. Eckert puts time, labor, and years of expertise into the educational materials they create, including presentations, handouts, videos, essays, articles, and more. This work is not free or funded. Unless otherwise discussed, they do not provide copies of their work for personal or professional use.

Premedical or Medical Students

Dr. Eckert loves teaching LGBTQ health to students! Please contact us if you are interested in completing a clinical rotation at Anchor Health or shadowing Dr. Eckert.

Please keep in mind that these opportunities are limited as Dr. Eckert takes on students from Quinnipiac University year-round. As much as we try to accommodate requests, there isn’t space for everyone to shadow or rotate.

In your request, please answer the following questions:

  • How did you hear about Anchor Health?
  • Why are you interested in rotating or shadowing our GLAM Program?

Media Requests

Dr. Eckert is available for quotes, interviews, and other media opportunities by arrangement and when their schedule permits. Please email Michael DeWolfe, Head of Communications & Events, or send us a message. We’re also happy to connect with members of the media to share knowledge, commentary, and insights on a range of topics and current issues.

Please note that Dr. Eckert only participates in good-faith debates and does not participate in programs that platform conversion therapy, anti-LGBTQ activists, anti-transgender literature, and topics that promote violence against queer and trans people.

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